claychandler on 08/17/2019

Fears of a Military Crackdown in Hong Kong are Overblown

The special Sino Saturday edition of CEO Daily.I happened to be in the Hong Kong airport on Tuesday, the night anti-government demonstrations erupted into a violent clash with police. I was there to pick up my kids, who were returning from Tokyo to begin the new school year. Their flight was delayed

c claychandler
Don Reisinger on 08/17/2019

Apple’s iPhone 11 Is Coming. Here’s When It May Be Unveiled

And all the other Apple headlines this week.Recently, Apple watchers switched their attention to Apple’s new side businesses like Apple Card and the impact of tariffs on the company, instead of their usual focus: the iPhone. But Apple’s smartphone returned front and center this week because of leaks

D Don Reisinger
Emily Price on 08/17/2019

Curious What Jony Ive Might Design After Apple? This Ring Might Be a Clue

45-carat diamonds aren’t exactly something you come across every day.Forty-five-carat diamonds aren’t exactly something you come across every day. However, now a lucky fan is the proud owner of a ring cut from one diamond—a ring that was also designed by Apple’s departing chief design officer Jony I

E Emily Price
Jaclyn Gallucci on 08/17/2019

How Trump Could Quickly Raise the Stakes in Hong Kong

Pro-democracy protesters have flooded the streets of Hong Kong for weeks and even forced the airport to close, but U.S. President Donald Trump has largely avoided getting involved. That doesn’t mean he has no leverage. Under a U.S. law, Trump has the power to rescind Hong Kong’s status as a preferen

J Jaclyn Gallucci
Rachel King on 08/17/2019

This Cinema in Brooklyn Claims to Be the Tiniest Movie Theater in the World

It seats two people.What is supposedly (and probably) the smallest cinema in the world is tucked into the lobby of The Hoxton, a trendy, less-than-one-year-old hotel Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.At first glance, the theater seems to be a social media gimmick meant to appeal to the herds of f

R Rachel King
Rachel King on 08/17/2019

The Iconic Castle on ‘Downton Abbey’ Is Bringing Its London Dry Gin to the U.S.

What is a weekend...without gin cocktails?Highclere Castle might be most famous for being the house of the wealthy Crawley family on the beloved television series Downton Abbey, but the 800-year-old estate is keeping busy with several new ventures.Among the newest is the release of the estate’s supe

R Rachel King
Rachel King on 08/17/2019

How Fruit Wines Are Becoming Serious Business

Every summer, there’s someone—an eccentric uncle, a neighbor with an overambitious garden—who endeavors to make one, usually to everyone else’s regret. But serious fruit wines are on the rise.Fruit wines. Every summer they pop up at local farm stands, or in the hands of an eccentric uncle or a neigh

R Rachel King
Lucinda Shen on 08/16/2019

Brace Yourself: SmileDirectClub Is the Latest Unicorn to File for an IPO

"The proliferation of social media emphasizes online identity and, as a result, drives consumers to present an image of their best selves," the Prospectus reads.Following on the heels of WeWork and Cloudflare, yet another unicorn is trying its luck in the public markets.Founded in 2014 by Jordan Kat

L Lucinda Shen
Sy Mukherjee on 08/16/2019

The FDA Went on an Epic Drug Approval Binge This Week: Brainstorm Health

The FDA approved new drugs from Roche, Celgene, AbbVie, and others to treat everything from cancer to psoriasis to tuberculosis in the past week.Happy Friday, readers!The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t resting on its laurels in the dog days of summer. In the past week, the FDA has approved

S Sy Mukherjee
Kristin Larson on 08/16/2019

New Era of Fashion Logos is Driving Creativity and Sales

The design allure of reimagined brand names.Logos are having a fashion moment, but it’s not the same logo mania as the 1990s.From designer labels Gucci and Louis Vuitton to mass-market duds such as Champion, Adidas, and Nike, fashion brands are creating new ways to display their signature. At the ot

K Kristin Larson
Verne Kopytoff on 08/16/2019

Google Employees Call For Pledge Not to Work With ICE

Hundreds of Google employees are calling on the company to pledge it won’t work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s the latest in a year full of political and social pushback from the tech giant’s workforce.A group of employees called Googlers for Hum

V Verne Kopytoff
Ellen McGirt on 08/16/2019

The Latinx Community Needs Allies: raceAhead

In an open letter to the country, Eva Longoria, America Ferrara, and other prominent Latinx leaders ask for help in “building a better country where we are all safe and valued.”Here’s your week in review, in haiku.1.Not sure we need tomake Greenland America Again. Trump’s folly?2.This week we welcom

E Ellen McGirt
Joanna G. Ramey on 08/16/2019

Revlon Turns to Goldman Sachs for a Makeover

Burdened by losses, junk-rated debt, and ever-increasing beauty industry competition.Revlon Inc. retained financial advisers from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to explore strategic alternatives for the cosmetics company, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.The makeup company backed by bill

J Joanna G. Ramey
jonathanvanian2015 on 08/16/2019

Google’s Hate Speech Detection A.I. Has a Racial Bias Problem

A Google-created tool that uses artificial intelligence to police hate speech in online comments on sites like the New York Times has become racially biased, according to a new study. The tool, developed by Google and a subsidiary of its parent company, often classified comments written in the Afri

j jonathanvanian2015
Chris Morris on 08/16/2019

Tyson Recalls 19.5 Tons of Frozen Chicken Patties

“Extraneous materials” may contaminate the popular children's food.Tyson Foods has recalled more than 39,000 pounds of its Weaver brand chicken patties after learning the product could be contaminated with “extraneous materials”.The recall, made in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture

C Chris Morris
Bernhard Warner on 08/16/2019

Europe’s Cyber Watchdog for Banks Has a Little Problem—It Keeps Getting Hacked

Hackers attacked the European Central Bank, one of the chief cyber watchdogs for the European banking sector, with malicious code that forced bank authorities to close down one of its websites and alert the impacted parties.The hack targeted ECB’s BIRD (short for Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictiona

B Bernhard Warner
Natasha Bach on 08/16/2019

Israel Will Allow Entry to Rep. Rashida Tlaib—But She’s Not Going

Her official trip with Rep. Ilhan Omar is still not permitted.Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib still won’t be permitted to join a U.S. delegation to Israel this week, but Tlaib will be able to visit her grandmother living in the West Bank. But on Friday morning, Tlaib said she wouldn’t go.“Silenci

N Natasha Bach
Jaclyn Gallucci on 08/16/2019

Trump’s Oil Sanctions Leave Russian Exporters $1 Billion Richer

U.S. President Donald Trump’s sanctions against Iran and Venezuela have inadvertently increased demand for a Russian brand of crude oil, boosting revenues for the nation’s exporters.Russian oil companies received at least $905 million in additional revenues between November and July, data compiled b

J Jaclyn Gallucci